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Electric Shock Type Spasm

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Hi Everyone

It's been a while since I have posted, but I am hoping that someone maybe able to help and advise me.  

I became an amputee 12 years ago and have always suffered with phantom limb pain, and in the early days I would experience an electric shock type spasm approximately twice a year.  Over the years this has increased and I am now suffering on average once a month.  It is now so bad, that even with tramadol, I can be screaming for days.  The only relief I get is when I punch my stump, as this seems to distribute the pain, so it isn't so intense.  I am literally at my wits end, because to be honest I would pretty much would try anything, at this point.

I know I'm not alone in this pain, but am willing to try any suggestions.

Thanks in advance


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Hi Kathy

I didn't realise anyone had responded.  Anyway I have had my MRI scan results today and it is a neuroma.  I am just waiting to see a specialist, but if surgery is an option, then I will definitely have it removed.  The Doctor seems to think it is 13cm's long, but even she thought that must be wrong.  

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