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Oh well

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I posted 6 days ago hoping to be able to reach out to some in the amputee community for some camaraderie, some input... wasn't looking for sympathy, just someone who might understand a little about the things an amputee faces. But, no one has bothered to reply, even just to say "hi" or something. so I guess I'll find another forum that may have more active participants. Thanks anyway, Heather Mills. 

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You are not really being ignored, although I sure understand why you feel left out to dry. This forum used to be VERY active and usually there would be many responses. This forum has lost that activity, mostly I believe that the participants have migrated to Amputation Coalition site. If you do not know it, it is well worth exploring it. There is a similar site as Heather's and a great source of information and other amputees. I am finding answering on this forum difficult, but I wanted to help you!

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