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My story and one question

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Hello to all of you,

I've been amputated for 23 years. Major amputation at three quarters of the left

thigh, so clearly above the knee. This amputation was made necessary due to a devastating cancer diagnosed in 1995 as follows: Chondrosarcoma mésantichameux bi-phasic of the left knee. In spite of a very short stump, after my recovery and the numerous anti-cancer treatment sessions, I had to wear a prosthesis and start walking again. Unfortunately, the cancer continued its work and a year later I had to be operated in the small left basin to extract a large metastasis. It was a unique tumor. 

During this surgery, the entire anatomical structure of my small pelvis on the left side had to be sacrificed. Before the operation I insisted on a bypass if the blood vessels were affected. Unfortunately it was not done, so that I can no longer wear a prosthesis since this time since my stump has no more heat and muscle tone. Crutches and scooters are, since that time, my best friends. Then followed a thoracotomy to excise another large méthastase to the right lung. Finally we had to do another surgery to the lung for what seemed a multitude of small metastases nascent in 2002 may fortunately this was a negative result. Since then nothing else has appeared despite a tight medical follow-up. I welcome, of course, this positive evolution but as nothing is ever perfect, I inherited multiple chronic pains in the amputated leg but also at the level of the stump itself. I am strongly medicated for this purpose but the pains, often intense are still there. I even think they increase over time. Note that they were quite bearable before the intervention in the small basin. For all these years during which I am amputated, I ask myself the following question: the fact that I was not bypassed during this intervention in the groin on the side of my amputation can be partly responsible for these intense pains?or I would  have had the same with bypass. I have asked this question to several doctors since but none have given me a frank answer. You will tell me that knowing will not change my situation but I am obsessed with this question, especially in the severe crises that require me to isolate myself. As my wife says, it sounds like real torture sessions. To close the situation, my organic system does not tolerate any opiates even its derivatives.

My text looks a little like a complaint. If that's the case, I m sorry. But if someone among you lived like this, what do you think?

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