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Phantom pain worsening over time.

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About Me

I have been an amputee for 20 months. AKA and AEA, left side, luckily right handed. 

After 10 months of taking Lyrica and Cymbalta (I used the Fentanyl patches and Oxy too while in the Hospital), having normal Phantom Pain that “comes and goes”, my PP started to get worse. The doctors gave me higher doses, but didn’t worked as expected. Tried Oxy again, but nothing happened. Just the side effects started to really affecting me. 

I have tried mirror therapy, tens machine, using a shrinker, essential oils, massage, mindfulness meditation, with no success. Time is passing by, but it’s not getting better as I read. I stopped all medications because of the side effects and the phantom pain is still the same. So, I didn’t went back to taking the drugs. That’s good for me.

I feel like I’m seating on my leg and foot all day and night, numb, cramped, tingling, all together. My arm feels like it’s being pressed in a wrong position and if I try to move my fingers, it’s insupportable. Sometimes I feel the stabbing, burning and the electrical shocks too. But feeling my arm and leg just wrong 24/7 makes me tired.

The only thing that works a little, is distracting my mind. Reading, cooking, cleaning. Using the prosthetist leg just focusing my mind on balancing and not falling, helps, but the painful feeling it’s still there, although not so intense. I’m learning how to live with it, which is good. I’m just getting used to it. I love being alive, watching my kids grow! I’m so thankful for that, than the pain seems a good price to pay for being here. But it’s not easy. I’m still waiting that with time, it’s starting to feel better.

I don’t have sensible spots on my stumps. I can touch them.

Is somebody feeling the PP like me? Do you have something that worked for you , which I can try?


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