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My name is David Beaudry, I am presently 58 years old living in Northwestern Ontario Canada. I was in a motorcycle accident caused by a distracted driver who was on a laptop who pulled across the highway I was driving on and blocked my travel. There was a skid mark of 6’ before I collided with the pickup. The engine guard crushed my right foot againsted the bike and held me as momentum sent me over the truck. The bottom of my boot finally ripped off allowing me to fly over the vehicle but not before it wishbones my hips and broke my pelvic in five places. After pinning my pelvic and a plate and screws put my foot together and months of hospital I was released. My right foots toes were hammered and would not touch floor and could not walk on flat with foot. 

After 3 years of agony the doctors informed my that there was no help for my foot and said it will eventually have to be removed and told me it will be easier to deal with the amputation now rather than later. So off with the foot. It was a huge relief to be rid of all the pain the foot caused. That was November 4, 2014.

i have done really well living with prosthetics but I am running into problems with more activity. I am presently have a liner with a pin lock system. I am constantly adding or removing socks and have a lot of days where I can not use leg due to skin irritations to the bottom of tibia bone where I get most of rubbing. 

I am looking for any help from folks on what is out there the is better than this system. I hate crutches and wheelchair and like today I can not wear my leg so it is all I have. 

Thank  you for any comments you post. Dave



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Almost any other system will cause less skin problems than a pin lock if you are active.  The pin holds the bottom of the liner in one place so any leg movement will cause pulling and rubbing of the liner on the front end of your tibia as you describe.  Try a suction elevated vacuum system.

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