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Peter Read

ankle fushion v amputation

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Hi all newbie to this forum had an fushion of left ankle October last year atRnoh Stanmore the pain of got now is worste the before the opp.

After a life time of sporting abuse mainley running paying for it now both knees replaced double wrist fushion now the ankle got osteoarthritis. 

So what are the options long term should i wait longer than the 7 months to see if the pain dies down,ie what stories have people got of there path to amputation ie ankle of as bk seem bit drastic or is that the norm...

Im a gardener by trade pro ann cons of amputation driving after opp manual van clutch ect recovery as i said new to this but like others not the constant pain and pain relief at 53 just wanted to know if they remove ankle or bk thanks...

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