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Let's laugh at ourselves

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:) :) :) :) :) :)

I've only been a member of this forum for a couple of weeks and have found it to be a great support to finally be able to talk to & read about others that share similiar feelings, experiences and concerns.

While rightly, given the forum's overall topic title, all the posts are "deep / serious / important" etc to us all at some time and I do not wish to make light of our disability, I think we can also all benefit by having a laugh at ourselves and the situations we find ourselves in due to the fact that we are amputee's.

To this end I sent a message to Johnny V yesterday with my idea of starting a new forum topic with this content. Johnny V replied accepting the idea as good, he suggested the forum topic title, so here goes. Let's all have a laugh at each others true stories.

Rgds Glenn (7feet)

:) :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Seeing as this was all my idea, you get to have a laugh at my misfortune first.

I had been to Sydney to have repairs made to my prothesis and was travelling home again when the following happened. Below is a copy of the email I sent down to my limb maker when I got home "complaining" about what happened.

I quote -

Sent: Sunday, August 26, 2001 7:54 AM

Subject: Dear David + Harvey

“Dear” David and Harvey,

OK David, I know you weren’t impressed with the condition of my foot last Friday, but did you set me up? Read on.

Saturday morning at Sydney International Airport I was walking down the aerobridge to board the QF59 flight from Sydney to Cairns when my “foot” swivelled. I hobbled onto the aircraft with many curious stares, as I had to continually flick the foot forward while walking sideways. I took my aisle seat and as soon as I sat down the foot would again drop sideways, those sitting next to me and across the aisle didn’t know where to look. During takeoff I had a good think about my predicament, I had no tools but I had to fix the leg before arrival into Cairns as there was no way I could walk from the aircraft thru the terminal with the foot the way it was. While I could take my pants and leg off in the aircraft toilet to check what had occurred there isn’t any room to manoeuvre to have a look at the problem and I have always been afraid to take my leg off during flight as the altitude causes the body to swell slightly, the last thing I need is to not be able to refit the leg.

I was on a totally full B747-238 aircraft (QF59 goes Sydney/Cairns/Nagoya). It is an older type aircraft and still carries a Flight Engineer. I asked the CSM (chief purser) if she would ask the Flight Engineer if he had any allen keys and a small shifter in his onboard tool kit. After showing the CSM why I needed the tools she complied and returned with 3 allen keys and the small shifter. Now the tricky bit, I apologised to the lady sitting next to me and using rolled up my pants leg, loosened 2 allen screws and dropped the lower portion off from below the knee unit. My neighbours were most interested and just at this stage the cabin crew rolled out and commenced serving breakfast. You’ve never seen so many heads swivel. I then remembered what you had done to the foot, cutting the toes off to trim it to my size - I removed the shoe and sock and there were giggles all around.

I sat the leg on my table to align it and tightened the bottom bolt, refitted the leg and the inflight entertainment was over.

Thanks very much for the setup…….while I was rather pissed off at the time I had a good laugh last night.

Other than the above….thanks very much, the repairs and new parts are great, I’m still getting used to the new foot but the smooth knee action is much more comfortable.



The reply from David and Harvey was -

G'day Glen,

Sorry for the trauma caused. Wish I had have been there with a good camera. I bet nobody else on the plane could duplicate the "Linda Blair" performance. If there's anything we can do just drop us a line.

Ooroo Harvey & Dave

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