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Falling over - we all do it at first

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:) :) :)

Hello again all,

You can tell this topic was my idea as I’ve been thinking about what I would add if the topic was accepted. Another predicament I found myself in, or you could say, how to win over difficult customers.

This happened in the first week after I returned to work, I’d only been out of hospital for 4 weeks after the above knee amputation of my right leg. I was on one of those fibreglass matting and plaster “training” legs you were given while in hospital to learn to walk again while your stump settles down to a consistent shape and size. As you know this type of leg doesn’t really fit well, is very uncomfortable and slow and is only just a little better than bouncing around on your butt. And offcourse I was still a little shaky, didn’t have a great gait, and was still getting my balance.

My job was/is as a customer services manager type role in the transport industry (airline).

I had a problem flight whereby I couldn’t provide all that was promised to all of our customers. Bottom line was - too many customers for the number of seats on the aircraft.

The last people to checkin were a family group of 4 German’s which I had the difficult task of apologising to and explaining that I had to change their booked flights. As you can imagine they were not impressed, all about 6 foot tall, mum dad and 2 sons. They surrounded me, called me every name you can think of, and a few I couldn’t understand in German. They were really gaving me a hard time.........then it happened.

While they were yelling at me I took a step backwards, and tripped over, no longer was I standing but rather flat on my back in the middle of the terminal building with about 200 people in the vicinity. The bucket of my “plaster training” prothesis cracked when I fell.

I was embarrassed, in shock re the sudden change of my location (standing then flat on my back), and very concerned that I had broken my “leg”. The German customers heard the bucket break and all jumped backwards, ignoring all those around me I pulled up the leg of my pants to check the break. I couldn’t stand up again as it broken too badly so had to continue talking to the customers and advising them their new flight details while sitting on the floor. They were very very very quiet about the problem and not another word of complaint was heard. Strangely they actually thanked me once it was all explained.

Since that incident, whenever any customer wishes to complain about anything, the staff ask me to come over and “fall over” in front of the customer. Does’nt work anymore, my balance is much better now.

Rgds Glenn

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Great Topic

When I get my new "Leg", and have mishaps, I just hope I can laugh at myself.

I wiil certainly let you know. :lol:

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Hi there phharr,

Good to hear you liked the story, and relearning to drive, well done.

Please let me know how you go with the new leg, and the driving.

Remember - one leg infront of the other, keep moving foward, enjoy the achievement of reaching new goals.

Life's great isn't it !!!!!!! and laughter really is great medicine.

:) :) :) :)

Rgds Glenn

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