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I need some information

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Hi guys,

I totally agree on the asthetics of the legs. Hell, if it's fake shouldn't they be able to make it better than what God gave you!?! Mannequins have great looking legs. :P You're right about the sleeves covering the lump of socks, but with the liner you don't need socks. So far anyway. Years ago I had an elastic type sleeve that served no purpose other than to cover the socks. It came from France, but I don't remember the name.

I'm from Chicago Wendy. Still, I don't understand why your guy says it's in the future. If you can get the pin system, you can get these. Maybe your guy is intimidated by well informed smart women. :D

Have a great day!!!!


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Hi Linda! I can't wait to ask about this suction socket without the sleeve. I think they are so cost worried that they don't want you to be to well informed ??? You know, I saw Heather on Larry King Live and was blown away with the esthetics of her leg - so mant people commented to me about that show and wondered why my leg didn't look more like hers. I think it's an area that needs to be pushed because when you don't like the way it looks it does affect how you feel about yourself. I know looks are only skin deep as they say but it's reality - when you loose your leg anything they can do to help you feel better should be a high priority. All the best! Wendy

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