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Zachary's survey could help

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Hello! My name is Zachary Klion and I am an eleventh grader at

Suffern High School in Rockland County, NY. Currently, I am involved in the

second year of an authentic three year research project sponsored by the

NSF. Over the past two years I have thoroughly researched and have become

very well read in various aspects of prosthetic devices, as well as the

psychological developments amputees undergo post-surgery. By the end of this

three year program I will have entered my project into the Intel Science

fair as well as several other highly competitive events. My current

research goals revolve around the enhancement of the amputee's knowledge

regarding the prosthetic market shortly after amputation as well as their

preference in certain types of prosthetic devices in correlation to gender,

age, as well as other factors. The following link will direct you to this

survey. I encourage all prosthetic wearers to take the survey as its

results will prove to be an asset to the amputee community at large! Thank

you for your time!



Zachary Klion

Eleventh Grade

Suffern High School

Rockland County, NY

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