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I am searching for advice for the pregnant amputee. I am 3 months pregnant and have been an amputee for almost 11 years. I get around very well and have very little issue with my prosthesis. :D Although I envy those of you who run marathons. I am a BKA and my stump is very short below my knee so I have always had trouble running. Luckily I am a good swimmer and stay in shape that way.. :)

Are there usually problems for amputees when they start to gain weight during pregnancy? I was wondering if anyone has gone through this experience. I am a little worried that the bigger I get the harder it will be to walk.

I have been fortunate over the years, each new leg I get I seem to get around better and walk more without pain. I am hoping this luck will stay with me during my pregnancy.

Please impart your great wisdom,

Thanks so much,


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Congratulations!!! My first pregnancy I swelled up pretty bad in the stump area because I gained 40 lbs so near the end of my pregnancy I had to take the prosthesis off quite a bit but my walking wasn't effected. With my second pregnancy I was able to wear the prosthesis during the whole pregnancy. Just watch your weight and you should be fine.


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Hi Shae,

Congratulations on your pregnancy. :P I am a BKA for 8 years now and I just had my first son 5 months ago. Through my pregnancy, I really didn't have too much trouble. I didn't swell until my ninth month and by that time I was so big, my leg wasn't really what was making me uncomfortable. My son wound up coming out ten pounds 1 week late, (by ceserean, thank you!) I just watched my weight and stayed away from sweets. I gained a total of 35 pounds and it really didn't have any effect on my stump, (little leg as I call it). I hope this helps, any other questions, just ask. Best of Luck! :D


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Hi Shae

Congratulations. I am a bilateral b/k and have had three children without too many problems with my legs.

My first one was quite straightforward no problems before or after. The second had some swelling due to high blood pressure, which caused some problems getting limbs on. The third was fine, with no problems.

My main problem was morning sickness which had nothing to do with the legs. Hope everything goes well for you.

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