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DSUSA Summer program

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It's coming up folks. The summer program for Disabled Sports USA-Farwest:

It's going to be a BLAST!!! I Gare-OONN-teee! I was going to type up a list for you but there is A LOT of stuff going on.

If you want information call them at (530) 581-4161

If you want to volenteer call Kim Nolan at the same number. (Tell her Eric sent you) If you are in the USA but not out west try some of the other 40 chapters of DSUSA.

Visit them on the web at http://www.dsusafw.org

This summer we will have:

Waterskiing ( melted snow :( )



4wheel driving!!!!

white water rafting

a camp out on beautiful Donner Lake (hopefully we won't have to resort to canibleism like the Donner party :o )

And Kayaking on Lake Tahoe and Donner Lake

If you live outside the USA look for disabled sports orginisations in your area.

I hope to meet some of yous out there this summer. There will be stuff both near LT and Sacromento Area.



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