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To be or not to be covered....

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Way to go girly, metal is sexy so's carbon fibre, the weather is getting warm enough for shorts! Make those heads spin!!

demand the right to be unique :D


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Marcia is right...I have seen a cosmesis for men - hair and all! - in a brochure I received from Dorset Orthopaedics once.

I've just had a quick look on their site, but could only find this tiny pic of the foot, that somewhat shows what it could look like...

(Picture taken from Dorset Orthopaedics website)

(Yes, it's really an artifical foot!!)

Wow, that looks amazing!! :D

I'm not an amputee, but I have some nasty scars (which are now a lot better) and I used to cover myself by wearing trousers the whole time, but then I discovered Dermablend; really good scar concealers. :D Now I don't bother with anything althoguh I try and wear things that cover my scarred, lumpy knees!! :lol:

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