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I am SOOOO sorry!!! I didnt post on the 15th! And I even had it on my kitchen calendar!! It was a crazy day here, had a big wedding to go to in beautiful park city, Utah, then home for a quick spell, then the big reception at a high rise in Salt Lake City, overlooking the city at sunset....I got to wear a PRETTY DRESS with PRETTY SHOES, my first wedding where I felt like I fit in...and got to dance with my hubby for the first time since the operation...a great, fun day....

I have another idea though...not just try to break the record again, but when you post you have to tell what you did that day....it kind of happened by default this tiem, but I loved seeing the different activities people were doing that day. Kind of like the photo books they have where they show snapshots of what different people were doing across the country on a certain day. Maybe even challenge people to set an activity goal, to find something realistic for themselves, meet the goal and post it, all that day....what do you think?




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Great idea, a record breaking achievement day. The achievment wouldn`t have to be anything to do with amputations, then the amputee relatives and friends that are signed on will be able to post as well.

Actually having a story of some kind will make it a lot nicer than just signing on to see who signed on , if you see what i mean.

I second this idea. :)

Judy, as you were "so busy enjoying yourself" ( just jealous, had a boring w/end myself) we can probably forgive you this time, but only this once mind :D

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