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A question about links posted on the forum

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This is a question for Johnny .

Johnny , sometimes when a forum member posts something , they include a link to go with the post and they are often vry usefull . I however can't remember where they are so , here is what i am wondering if it can be sort of done .

Wold it be possibel to have a section here on the forum that would be for like ONLY links ot other site related to our forum such as different makers of prosthetics and maybe even some links to inspirational stories . I for the life me can't remember where some of these are so this wold help me anyway ... i think actually , it wojuld help lots of othr members tooo .

Thanks in advanace ,

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Hello MJ.

I've had another request for a links page some time ago that I kept on file, but the way that you presented it was different. Before I put something in place, and I've made an inquiry on your behalf already, take a look at the search button at the top of the page. I have been able to find things that I am looking for using search. If you remember the member name of the person who posted the link, you can go to that persons profile and search that persons posts.

I will get back to you soon about having a links area dedicated to the forum.

Thank you for being your usual very creative self and making the suggestion.


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