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I know a lot of people on this posting lost their limbs due to accidents or illness, had "good" limbs before. But a lot of us suffered a long time with bad limbs, maybe even after accidents. I saw a great poster in the prosthetists office a week ago that got me to thinking. I now call my leg my "upgrade". Like a computer, or car, or electronics device upgrade. For me, it truly is....and I think for many others here, who suffered, in pain, or even had a life threatening illness, it is an "upgrade" to have leg that doesnt hurt anymore, or to *just* have life back.

To think of it this way helps you to see it in a positive spin too. Something that can only be good!

Johnny, what do you think? You know all about computer upgrades...is the fact you get to dance at your daughters wedding now enough to let you think of your leg as an "upgrade"? :)

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My dear Judy, you are so blessed:

You really know how to put things into prospective. I am so grateful to have people like you as part of our forum who can start some really great topics for all to share. Hopefully there will be some more along the way that can add to it as well.

Considering the fact that my amputation was my only treatment plan to battle with my fight with the terrible c (cancer) monster that many of us are faced with, and many are much worse off (Hang in there PhoenixRising Jen). My foot did not turn out to be my only upgrade. My entire life has been upgraded by giving me a whole new appreciation and prospective as to what I have faced, how much worse that it could have been and still could be, and how much more I have to be thankful for in my life. Yes, wanting to live and dance with my daughter on her wedding day is still one of my big reasons for survival, but I am finding that life still has so much more in store for me if I go after it and allow it to happen.

So your computer term is quite appropriate, and I will share your thought that my life has been upgraded through my battle with cancer, which included my amputation and upgraded bionic leg.

Kindest regards your way,


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