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Disability Can't Sideline Runner Brenda

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Hi Brenda

After reading that, I think you'll come first :D

Something about your leg being an 'offensive weapon' and 'taking it off to hit someone with'. :D

If I was running in that marathon and I read that item I would stay behind you. :D

So everyone, you can't outrun Brenda and it's healthier not to argue with her :D

Seriously, stop 'beating' yourself up. Just do your best, go for it and enjoy the race. We'll all be routing for you.

Keep us posted on your training progress and I look forward to reading your book about your life and achievments. That's if you can sit still for more than five minutes :D to write it.

Best as always


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Thank you Brenda for being our inspiration. I really enjoyed reading the editorial. It was the next best thing to being there at your side, and running with you. Mark DeCotis did a great job writing about you.

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