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get a grip!!

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I have no use at all of my right arm/shoulder, (so it is like an amputation really). I'll never get the use back.

I used to love art and craft, but since the loss of my arm, I can't manage. It is so difficult cutting when you can't hold the page still, or paintintg when the page slides all over the place. Does anyone know of any aids specifically aimed at people with just one arm? Something to hold the paper steady as I work. I also like to design my own T-shirts, but again, holding the material steady is impossible.

If anyone knows of anything I could use, I'd be very grateful. I live in the UK.


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Hi Lynn

welcome to the site, and pleased to meet you.

When I do DIY stuff etc, and being an above knee amp; I have to use one hand for balance. So whatever I'm working on, I use clamps and clips to hold things down securely.

In your case I would perceive the problem being, fixing the materials you're going to work on, in the first place.

Might I suggest a board, with a removable frames,. The frames slotting into the edge of the board and can be removed after the material is 'fixed' in place.

The board to have two holes or more around each edge to make a frame, and the frames have dowels to slot into the holes on the board.

Or you could try disabled living foundation/arthiritus care to see if they have any ideas/products.

Hope this is of help.

Please let us know how you do solve the problem.

Best regards


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Hi Lynn , sorry to hear you're having trouble with your arts and Crafts. I too love to dabble in the arts and crafts.I also enjoy painting t-shirts.

Try paper wieghts to hold the paper down.

Sometime when I paint a t-shirt I use a method involving a spray bottle of water . I blob on a small amount of paint then I spray that paint with a water spray it give a beautiful effect especially when you have a few colours.

I would be happy to send you one of my t-shirt originals if you private message me your address.


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Lynn , this is RIGHT up my alley so , i may be able to offer some ideas for you .

I use a computer to creat my stuff with various different programm thingies to different things to them . i have osted some of my stuf here in the past but i will post one prject i did here to give you and idea of just what you CAN do .

Now , before you get to way flustered here , remember that art is about being expressive and is not alays about creating a certain imagae of object . I had a GREAT conversation with my wonderfull person about this very thing last night ( or was it early this morning .... haven't been to slep yet ) and i will tel you what i told her .

When you creat something , the result is NEVER wrong because the creation should reflect the emotion you want to convey . Don't be afraid of something not LOOKING right because it ALWAYS will . My secret to creating either words or pictures is to simply open my mnd and let the ideas come out naturaly as tHEY wish . I let my mind take me to where IT wants to go and my hands are just there for the ride . Close your eyes and see the image . your hands will makwe it happens , one hand or two , it doesnet matter . Just sort of let yourself becarried off into this world of freeness and believe me , it will be such a HUGE release that you will become addicted to it . Just let your imagination run wild , free .

You see , when i do something , i am totaly seperated from the outside world mentaly because i am sooo totaly hyperfocused on this emotion that i will block everything out .

".... break on throught to the other side .... "

( The Doors )

Anyay , here is a sample of what can be done on a simple computer :


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Lynn , i just wanted to add a bit more to what i wore above to help you understand this creative thingie .

For example , when i creat something , it is most always because i am trying to say something and can't put it innto the right words that make any ence so , i resort to the art to help express it better for me . For example , i can TELL a person that i love and they will now that i do but , somehow , the words don't seem to convey the " MESSAGE " of love ( because it is a word at this point ) but , i CAN express this SAME love through an artisitc creation that will very clearly say what my words could'nt .

Secondly , and THIS is VERY important Lynn , ART is VERY costly in term of your emotions and feelings . In other words , there is a very high price to pay for that ability to creat . The price is a wild roller coaster ride of emotions that will many times be very uncontrolable . I am only now starting to be able to learn to control it but , when the control is not there , i will crash very bad .... and THAT is when i need to creat to try and understand what is going on my head .

Another cost to this is the total control it will end up having on you ... not now but one day . You see , i SHOULD be in bed right now sleeping but , things were happening around me and i hAD to deal with it .. ideas made thier way into my head and had to express tehm ... and these will come at ALL hours .

So , with all this said , i can only hope that you will really try and pursue this very wondefull form of communication because , art will say what your words can't . If there is every anything you want to ask me about this or any ideas or help , please PM me any time .

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Thank you so much for all your suggestions!

I'm going to try and find a website right now for arthritis care and so on and see if they have anything.

Thanks again,

Lynn x

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