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To niki Lea

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Hey niki lea

I was reading one of your posts from March 28th... old news i know... but you were talking about wearing high heels and the need for an adjustable foot. I live in high heels... boots and shoes ive even been known to wear high heals that are so high ive given my fitters and doctors a shock and ive never had an adjustable foot (apparently my stumps too long!!???).

My limbs have set heights...ive had foots that are set at all heights but currently my high heel leg is appropriate for 3 and a half inch heels... this might not be new information but just in case!!!!

(p.s a good trick i've used is buy the shoes you want for going out in etc and then tell the doctors and fitters to make leg to fit your shoes... hopefully (as mine does) he'll find it a challenge)

beccy xxx

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Hello Group,

I just found a web site for a prosthetic manufacturer that is full of information for amputees, they have mailing list section where you can be emailed re any new products. I signed up today and the first email redirected me to the site "Best foot foward". An article there was about an adjustable foot to allow varying heel height shoes. I have cut and pasted the article =

Calling all shoe lovers!


For those who like to live life to the full.

Elation, feel the energy!

If you’re an amputee who likes your shoes, chances are you will have been frustrated at one time or another with the restricted choice available to you. Not to mention the whole process of adjusting or changing your prosthesis in order to change heel height.

Well, you’ll be very glad to hear there is a new product out in the Flex-Foot range that solves this old dilemma! The name is Elation™, a foot that combines simple heel height adjustability with the superior function you would expect from Flex-Foot.

Ideal for anyone with a love of shoes, the heel height can be regularly adjusted to any level between 0 and 5cm (2") at the touch of a button. And, as mentioned, there is no longer any need to sacrifice function in order to achieve such flexibility. The patented Flex-Foot technology utilized in the design of Elation ensures good energy storage and return, producing a smoother and more comfortable walk.

Extensive trials of Elation were completed in 2002 and enthusiastic users have been commenting on its smooth roll-over behavior, the lifelike foot cover with its sandal toe feature, and their joy at being able to swap shoes whenever they want without any fuss.

Already in great demand, prosthetists are equally pleased with Elation. Integral to the design is a ‘rocker plate’, which allows the foot to adjust automatically to the load applied. This ensures the right level of stiffness for each individual’s weight and activity level. The specially contoured keel is made from 100% carbon fiber making it flexible as well as energy-efficient. For fitting purposes, Elation comes with a choice of integrated male pyramid or tube clamp.

Rated for amputees weighing up to 100kg, Elation is perfect for low to moderate impact levels. So, go dig out your sandals, your cowboy boots and your dancing shoes. The choice is now yours!

The shortcut to this article is = http://www.ossur.com/bestfootforward

Rgds Glenn

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